Tiny Alice

In response to:

The Play that Dare Not Speak Its Name from the February 25, 1965 issue

To the Editors:

…The idea that the homosexual cannot partake of the mysteries of the heterosexual Soul cannot be regarded as anything less pathetic than a form of sex fascism, similar to the cultural fascism which imagines that the Jew cannot understand the gentile (Aryan) soul. Like the Jew, the homosexual pricks, bleeds, feels pain with an equal, if not greater intensity than his Normal Aryan counterpart. He is as able to understand the plight of the heterosexual as a man (such as Tolstoy) can understand the plight of a woman (such as Anna Karenina). And he will continue to write about the entire world of Negroes, actresses, men, women children and dogs. He will not be hounded into any cultural ghetto by the literary fascism of the likes of Philip Roth.

Leo Skir

New York City