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The Judges of the Secret Court

By David Stacton
Introduction by John Crowley

David Stacton’s long-lost novel, The Judges of the Secret Court, constitutes one of the most graceful and profound accounts of Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth, and indeed of the Civil War itself. Today’s reader will at last have a chance to experience the masterpiece that The New York Times called “a staggering and compulsive novel” and “a triumph of the recreative imagination.”

Centering on the Booth brothers, Edwin and John Wilkes, Stacton’s gripping novel reimagines the social, emotional, and political milieu that prompted John Wilkes to target Abraham Lincoln. Wielding his lucid prose style and intelligence, Stacton transports his readers into John Wilkes’ mind on the day of the assassination and follows the troubled actor into The Ford Theater and, later, in his mad dash through the backwoods of Maryland and Virginia. Stacton’s novel is a breathtaking and enlightened exploration of political rage and what it means when a nation loses an icon of hope and wisdom.

The Judges of the Secret Court is a superior historical fiction, accurate in detail, moving and compelling narrative and character. But it is something more than this as well, an exploration by a brilliant and thoughtful writer of the labyrinthine ways of good and evil.” —Robert R. Kirsch, The Los Angeles Times

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Reveille in Washington: 1860-1865

By Margaret Leech
Introduction by James M. McPherson

Margaret Leech’s Reveille in Washington recreates the life and atmosphere of the United States capital around and during the time of the Civil War. Written with the creative vibrancy of a novelist and the sharp accuracy of a seasoned historian, Leech’s depiction of Washington, its politicians, socialites, and artists during a time of strife and violence resonates with freshness and gripping urgency, even for our contemporary times.

The author focuses on the everyday politics and preoccupations of Washington at the time. From the stench of corpse-littered streets to the plunging lace on Mary Lincoln’s evening gowns, Margaret Leech illuminates the city and its familiar figures—among them Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, William Seward, and Mary Surratt—in intimate and fascinating detail. Leech’s book, still considered one of the major works on the Civil War, is truly one of the most engrossing and vivid accounts of this pivotal period in our nation’s history.


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More great Father’s Day gift ideas from NYRB Classics, also at 25% off


cover Rogue Male
By Geoffrey Household
Introduction by Victoria Nelson

The quintessential cat-and-mouse thriller. The plot is simple and unbearably suspenseful…Household boils down his narrative to its rawest elements, and the effect is gut-wrenching.” —Playboy

#1 on Men’s Journal “15 Best Thrillers Ever Written” list.

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coverThe Big Clock
By Kenneth Fearing
Introduction by Nicholas Christopher

Fearing has written an American noir masterpiece about murder and the corporate mentality.

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coverThat Awful Mess on the Via Merulana
By Carlo Emilio Gadda
Introduction by Italo Calvino
Translated from the Italian by William Weaver

Detective Ciccio discovers that almost all of an apartment building’s residents are involved in a mysterious murder and burglary case.

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Historical Fiction

coverThe Long Ships
By Frans G. Bengtsson
Introduction by Michael Chabon
Translated from the Swedish by Michael Meyer

A canny and courageous Viking, Red Orm, travels the world, encountering pitched battles, blood feuds, and mysterious shores along the way.

Retail: $17.95 | Special Offer: $13.46 (25% off)
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By Yasushi Inoue
Preface by Damion Searls
Translated from the Japanese by Jean Oda Moy

A young Chinese man journeys to the wild and contested lands west of the Chinese Empire.

Retail: $14.95 | Special Offer: $11.21 (25% off)
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coverFortunes of War: The Balkan Trilogy
By Olivia Manning
Introduction by Rachel Cusk

Manning’s epic about World War II and its effect on a young couple and their circle of friends is a multi-stranded and engrossing novel. One of the “Five Best of World War II Fiction” — Antony Beevor, The Wall Street Journal

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Science Fiction

cover Ice Trilogy
By Vladimir Sorokin
Translated from the Russian by Jamey Gambrell

… thanks to a translation…that heroically endeavours to capture its myriad voices, from watercolour lyricism to purest pulp, we can enjoy it in all its gaudy glory. Think William S. Burroughs, and Michel Houellebecq, and Will Self, all whizzed into this delirious post-Soviet SF mash-up.” —Boyd Tonkin, The Independent

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cover The Chrysalids
By John Wyndham
Introduction by Christopher Priest

Wyndham’s classic Cold War-era novel is about a tight-knit community of religious and genetic fundamentalists in a post-nuclear world.

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cover Inverted World
By Christopher Priest
Afterword by John Clute

In this devilishly entertaining novel, Priest tells of a city called Earth that must perpetually move on rails to escape its hyperboloid planet’s oppressive gravity.”— Time Out New York

Retail: $15.95 | Special Offer: $11.96 (25% off)
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cover Renoir, My Father
By Jean Renoir
Introduction by Robert L. Herbert
Translated from the French by Randolph and Dorothy Weaver

Director Jean Renoir tells the life story of his father, the great impressionist painter, Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Retail: $18.95 | Special Offer: $14.21 (25% off)
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cover Memoirs of Montparnasse
By John Glassco
Introduction by Louis Begley

one of the most joyous books on youth—the thrill and the gall and the adventure of it. It is also one of the best books on being in literary Paris in the 1920s. “— Michael Ondaatje

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cover Twenty Days with Julian & Little Bunny by Papa
By Nathaniel Hawthorne
Introduction by Paul Auster

Until Twain, no one in American literature other than Hawthorne imagined children. This little account is pure evidence of Hawthorne’s special genius. And Paul Auster’s brilliant introduction tells us how Hawthorne knew what he knew and, more interestingly, why. It is Auster and Hawthorne at their best—precise, highly intelligent, and utterly entranced.” — Russell Banks

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By Oakley Hall
Introduction by Robert Stone

A raw, funny, and hypnotic story about a gunfighter who is summoned to the embattled town of Tombstone, Arizona.

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coverButcher’s Crossing
By John Williams
Introduction by Michelle Latiolais

Harsh and relentless yet muted in tone, Butcher’s Crossing paved the way for Cormac McCarthy. It was perhaps the first and best revisionist western.” —The New York Times Book Review

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