January Classics

Our first releases of the year are by authors well known to NYRB Classics readers. The Traveller’s Tree by Patrick Leigh Fermor is “still the best piece of travel writing on the Caribbean” (The Guardian) and Conquered City by Victor Serge is a tragic novel of revolutionary terror. Both of these January books, as well as all NYRB Classics by Patrick Leigh Fermor and Victor Serge, are available at a limited-time 25% discount.

Quentin Blake’s Birthday

This week marks the birthday of Quentin Blake, one of the most celebrated children’s book illustrators working today. Along with The New York Review Children’s classics, Uncle and Uncle Cleans Up by J.P. Martin, he illustrated more than three hundred books by such authors as Russell Hoban, Joan Aiken, and Roald Dahl.

James Thurber’s Birthday—December 8

This week we celebrate the birthday of the wonderful James Thurber by calling attention to two of his timeless classics available from our Children’s Collection. They are the perfect gift for anyone from 8 to 80.

“Thurber’s grown-up kids’ books, The Wonderful O and The 13 Clocks, long out of print, are back—rich with ogres and oligarchs, riddles and wit. What distinguishes them is not just quixotic imagination but Thurber’s inimitable delight in language. The stories beg to be read aloud…Thurber captivates the ear and captures the heart.” —Newsweek

Nature Stories

NYRB Classics is pleased to announce the publication of the late Douglas Parmée’s new translation of Jules Renard’s Histoires Naturelles.

“There is no real equivalent for the French word esprit which is somewhere between and beyond humor and wit and which is essentially what these short commentaries on the bird and animal world display.” —Kirkus Reviews

New NYRB Classics

New releases from NYRB Classics: now in its first English translation, Journey into the Past by the great Austrian writer Stefan Zweig; a masterpiece of historical fiction, Yasushi Inoue’s Tun-huang; and a darkly comedic novel, After Claude, by Iris Owens. For a limited-time, each of the three November titles is available at 25% off.


Just released from The New York Review Children’s Collection is Supposing by Alastair Reid, with brand new illustrations by Bob Gill. Supposing is available at a limited-time 25% discount. Or purchase it with Alastair Reid’s Ounce Dice Trice, and get 40% off their combined retail prices.

Mud Pies and Other Recipes

New York Review Books

I was a child backyard cook. I made salads of dandelion heads or clover leaves and even baked up a mud pie or two. But truth be told, I wasn’t very inventive. Like an overworked parent serving macaroni and cheese night after night, I tended to fall back on a few favorite dishes that required little thought. Is it any wonder that my dolls, and eventually even the tiniest neighborhood ants, turned down my invitations to dine?

October NYRB Classics

Publishing this month are two extraordinary works of fiction. Millen Brand’s The Outward Room is the story of a young woman’s journey from madness to self-discovery. Bruce Duffy’s The World As I Found It is a bold novel of ideas, romance, and imagination. Both books are available at limited-time discounts.