My Dog Tulip video on Amateur Thursdays

Amateur Thursdays has posted a video discussing J. R. Ackerley’s My Dog Tulip. Filmed here at the office of The New York Review of Books, artist William Wegman and acclaimed authors Stefan Merrill Block, Lisa Birnbach, and Susan Orlean gather to share their thoughts on the memoir, as well as a few details of their own pets and canine-inspired work.

A Letter From Susan Bernofsky, Translator of Robert Walser’s Berlin Stories

In 1905 Robert Walser packed his bags and left behind his native Switzerland for the bustling metropolis of Berlin. The fledgling author, twenty-seven years of age, had just published his first book of fiction, Fritz Kochers Aufsätze (Fritz Kocher’s Essays), and moving to Berlin was the obvious next step for him to take in the pursuit of a proper literary career. Just a year before he had been supporting himself as an on-again-off-again bank clerk and copyist, but now he was looking to become a proper novelist, an endeavor that would require all his strength.

Russell Hoban, 1925-2011

We are sad to announce the death of Russell Hoban, who passed away this Tuesday, December 13, at the age of eighty-six. Hoban gained the most acclaim for his post-apocalyptic masterpiece Ridley Walker, but was also a highly prolific children’s book author and illustrator. Last spring we are proud to have reissued one of Hoban’s most heartwarming classics, The Sorely Trying Day.

A Letter from the Editor

The Sindbad whose adventures the great Hungarian writer Gyula Krúdy recounts has very little to do with the dauntless character whose name, we are told, the Hungarian Sindbad picked out himself from the Arabian Nights, his favorite book. He could even be accused of passing under false pretences. Yes, this Sindbad is incorrigibly restless, frequently in a tight spot, and not a little wily, but he is hardly a man of action and in no sense a hero. He is not young but ageless, wandering grayhaired in a green hat across the Hungarian plains or turning up in a Carpathian mountain village when not haunting the streets of Buda and Pest.