Asif Farrukhi

Asif Farrukhi is a Pakistani doctor, writer, and translator who translates from Urdu to English. He has edited several anthologies of Pakistani writers in English, including Urdu Stories and Short Stories from Pakistan. He has also published six collections of his own short stories, and two collections of literary criticisms. He writes for the Pakistani newspaper Dawn, as well as other newspapers and periodicals, and is a co-founder of the Karachi Literature Festival.

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    Basti exlores the divided consciousness of Pakistan, a country born of division and suffering from it to this day. Set during the chaos of the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war, the novel centers on the meetings and partings and memories and desires of a group of young men who seek to comprehend their country’s disastrous situation. A masterpiece of modern Urdu fiction, Basti fuses modernist montage with stories from Muslim, Hindu, Persian, and Buddhist traditions in a poignant lament for the fallen historical world.