Barbara Sleigh

Barbara Sleigh (1906-1982) worked for the BBC Children’s Hour and is the author of Carbonel and two sequels: The Kingdom of Carbonel and Carbonel and Calidor.

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    Carbonel & Calidor

    When Carbonel’s son decides to give up his birthright and apprentice himself to a witch, Rosemary and John must use all the magic within their power to save him.

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    The Kingdom of Carbonel

    It’s good cats versus bad in a thrilling battle for the future of the enchanted land of Cat Country. “The children are lively, the grown-ups (including the witch) colorful and the mingling of magic and reality is most effective.” —The New York Times

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    Appearances can be deceiving. Some old ladies are witches, some brooms can fly, and some ordinary-looking cats are Princes of the Royal Blood.