Bernard Johnson

Bernard Johnson (1933–2003) was a British scholar who served as the director of the Language Centre at the London School of Economics. He was the editor and co-translator of the first book-length collection of modern Yugoslav literature in 1970. Among the many other works he has translated from the Serbo-Croatian are The Houses of Belgrade by Borislav Pekić, Links/Karike and The Slavs Beneath Parnassus: Selected Poems by Miodrag Pavlovic, and Black Apples: Selected Poems, 1954–1987 by Slavko Mihalic.

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    The Use of Man

    A powerful work that tracks the intertwined lives of a group of high-school classmates in Yugoslavia during WWII: Jew, Nazi, resistance fighter, and cold-blooded killer. “Its power is on a scale normally associated with our favorite (dead) authors…. The world will not look quite the same after you’ve read this book.
    Toronto Star