George Szirtes

George Szirtes is a Hungarian-born English poet and translator. He received the T. S. Eliot Prize for Reel (2004), and his New and Collected Poems were published in 2008. As a translator of poetry and fiction he has won a variety of prizes and awards, including the European Poetry Translation Prize and the Déry Prize.

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    The Adventures of Sindbad

    Rogue, romantic, and seducer, Sindbad, Krúdy’s most famous creation, returns in dreams to lovers he has left, lovers who have died. The women in turn tell their stories, creating a beautifully melancholy vision of the twilight of the Habsburg Empire. “[Krúdy’s] literary power and greatness are almost past comprehension…” —Sándor Márai

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    The war is over and Hungary’s Communist government is full of promise and projects. But when Mr. Ansca is disappeared, his wife’s only comfort is her mongrel, Niki. “Mr. Déry brings a kind of cunning naïveté that records (or imagines) with utmost seriousness all the tremors of Niki’s soul.”—The New York Times