Henry James

Henry James (1843–1916), the younger brother of the psychologist William James and one of the greatest of American writers, was born in New York but lived for most of his life in England. Among the best known of his many stories and novels are The Portrait of a Lady, The Turn of the Screw, and The Wings of the Dove. In addition to The New York Stories of Henry James, New York Review Classics has published several long-unavailable James novels: The Other House, The Outcry, and The Ivory Tower.

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    The New York Stories of Henry James

    An original collection of all of James’s New York Stories.

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    The Ivory Tower

    Beginning among the great houses and sweeping seaviews of Newport, Rhode Island, with the underhanded deals and enduring animosities of New York’s financial world lurking in the background, The Ivory Tower explores the predicaments of Rosanna Gaw and Graham Fielder, heirs to two rival tycoons.

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    The Outcry

    Henry James’s final novel is an effervescent comedy of money and manners.

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    The Other House

    The savage conclusion of The Other House makes it one of the most disturbing and memorable of Henry James’s depictions of the uncontrollable passions that lie beneath the polished veneer of civilized life.