Joanne Turnbull

Joanne Turnbull’s translations from Russian in collaboration with Nikolai Formozov include Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky’s Memories of the Future and The Letter Killers Club (both NYRB Classics).

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    Autobiography of a Corpse

    These eleven newly translated tales from a playful Soviet master of the unlikely and the uncanny ask you to take a second look at the cracks in everyday reality. “Krzhizhanovsky wanted to perform imaginary experiments with the nature of time and space…. It is a method for investigating how much unreality reality can bear.”—Adam Thirlwell

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    The Letter Killers Club

    Set in Moscow in the 1920s, this strange tale centers on the doings of a secret society of “Letter Killers”—who meet in a room of empty shelves to enact stories, committing nothing to paper. Krzhizhanovsky is at his philosophical and fantastical best in this extended meditation on madness and silence, the word and the soul unbound.

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    Memories of the Future

    The first English-language collection of stories from a Soviet writer whose mind-bending tales draw comparisons to the works of Poe, Borges, Kafka, and Capek. “Here a natural storyteller, striking intellect, and deeply creative soul are found all in one—a rare combination.”—The Complete Review