John Berger

John Berger is the author of numerous works of fiction and nonfiction, including To the Wedding, the Into Their Labours trilogy, About Looking, Ways of Seeing, and G., for which he won the Booker Prize. His most recent book is Understanding a Photograph, a collection of his writings about photography, edited by Geoff Dyer. He lives in a small rural community in France.

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    Winner of the 2013 Scott Moncrieff Prize for Translation from the French. “Eighty years after it was first published … Gabriel Chevallier’s autobiographical novel about serving in the bombed-out trenches of World War I still chills the blood….Fear is a novel whose most indelible passages describe the sensory degradation of war on the human body…. One of the most effective indictments of war ever written.”—Tobias Grey, The Wall Street Journal

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    Andrey Platonov is one of Russia’s finest post-revolution novelists, and this definitive and newly translated collection of his works positions him amongst the greatest of twentieth-century writers. On Robert Chandler’s translation, The Observer wrote, “Rarely does literature come this close to being music.”