J. R. Ackerley

J. R. Ackerley (1896-1967) was for many years the literary editor of the BBC magazine The Listener. His works include three memoirs, Hindoo Holiday, My Dog Tulip, and My Father and Myself, and a novel, We Think the World of You (all available as New York Review Books).

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    We Think the World of You

    “Boy meets dog, boy loses dog, boy gets dog. The book is both breezy and sad…Ackerley’s appeal lies in his graceful, ironic style: His books are candid confessions of a good friend, full of small, hilarious surprises.” —Peter Terzian, Out

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    My Dog Tulip

    Ackerley has written a book that is a profound and subtle meditation on the strangeness abiding at the heart of all relationships.

    “This is one of the greatest masterpieces of animal literature.” —Christopher Isherwood

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    Hindoo Holiday

    Hindoo Holiday is an intimate and very funny account of an exceedingly strange place, and one of the masterpieces of twentieth-century travel literature.

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    My Father and Myself

    Ackerley’s pursuit of his father is also an exploration of the self, making My Father and Myself a pioneering record, at once sexually explicit and emotionally charged, of life as a gay man.