Marc Romano

Marc Romano is a writer living in New York City. He has translated two other novels by Georges Simenon, both published by New York Review Books: Dirty Snow (with Louise Varèse) and Three Bedrooms in Manhattan (with Lawrence G. Blochman).

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    The Man Who Watched Trains Go By

    How different are the cautious routines of ordinary life from the compulsions of a killer? How reliable is even the most reliable man’s identity? What finally is the truth about a person?

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    Tropic Moon

    In Tropic Moon, Simenon, the master of the psychological novel, offers an incomparable picture of degeneracy and corruption in a colonial outpost.

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    Three Bedrooms in Manhattan

    An actor and a divorcée meet in a deserted New York City bar. With little in common save loneliness, middle age, and a presentiment of escape, they improvise a love story.