Marc Simont

Marc Simont (1915-2013) was born in Paris, the child of Catalan immigrants. He studied art with his father, a professional illustrator, and at several schools in France and America, where he moved when he was nineteen. Simont has illustrated nearly one hundred books, working with authors such as Margaret Wise Brown, James Thurber, and Marjorie Weinman Sharmat (on the Nate the Great series). He is also the author of several books—most recently The Stray Dog—and the translator of poems by García Lorca and others. Simont received the Caldecott Medal for his illustrations to A Tree Is Nice by Janice May Udry. He collaborated with Ruth Krauss on The Backward Day (also published by The New York Review Children’s Collection) and The Happy Day, which is a Caldecott Honor Book. Simont also illustrated Thurber’s The Wonderful O (published by the New York Review Children’s Collection).

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    The Wonderful O

    A thoroughly uproarious Thurberian experiment with language and a warning to those who would try to tame it. Two pirates conquer an island and attempt to purge it of the odious letter O. Cnfusin reigns, and chas—until the islanders decide to get their vowel back.

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    The 13 Clocks

    Satirist Thurber takes on the fairy tale and the results are captivating. “There are spys, monsters, betrayals, hair’s-breadth escapes, spells to be broken and all the usual accouterments, but Thurber gives the proceedings his own particular deadpan spin.” —Los Angeles Times

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    The Backward Day

    The author of The Carrot Seed and the illustrator of Nate the Great, who together produced the Caldecott Award-winning The Happy Day, reunite for this charming story of a little boy who decides to live the day in reverse, from putting his underclothes on over his coat and pants to greeting his family at the breakfast table with a “Good night!”