Michael Hofmann

Michael Hofmann is a professor in the English Department of the University of Florida. His translation of Joseph Roth’s selected journalism, The Hotel Years, is published in October 2015.

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    My Marriage

    Posthumously published in 1934 and based on Jakob Wassermann’s own ruinous marriage, My Marriage is a tragic masterpiece that unfolds in shocking detail. “The candour and extremity and intelligence of My First Wife are profoundly affecting…This is a literary masterwork of a vanished kind, but through the remarkable Hofmann it is born again as a story for our age.”—Rachel Cusk

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    The Voyage That Never Ends

    A self-portrait of one of the 20th century’s most compelling and tragic writers, The Voyage that Never Ends draws on Lowry’s stories, several unfinished novels, poems, and letters to present a picture of the whole range his accomplishment to set alongside his masterpiece, Under the Volcano.

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    The Stalin Front

    A grueling story of combat in a newly discovered masterpiece of world literature.