Robert Chandler, Elizabeth Chandler and Olga Meerson

Robert Chandler has edited and translated numerous Russian titles, including the complete works of Platonov. He is the editor of Russian Short Stories from Pushkin to Buida.

Elizabeth Chandler is a co-translator of several volumes of Platonov and of Pushkin’s The Captain’s Daughter.

Olga Meerson teaches at Georgetown University and is the author of Dostoevsky’s Taboos (in English) and Platonov’s Poetic of Re-Familiarization (in Russian). She is a co-translator of Platonov’s Soul and Other Stories, which, in 2004, was awarded the AATSEEL prize for “best translation from a Slavonic language”.

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    The Foundation Pit

    A new translation, the first to be based on the authoritative Russian text, of Platonov’s most political novel, in which the people struggle to build a workers’ paradise, but succeed in creating only the immense hole of its foundation. “A Russian Waiting for Godot crossed with Lewis Carroll and Maxim Gorky.”—Irish Times