Peter Bush

Peter Bush is an award-winning translator who lives in Barcelona. Among his recent translations are Ramón del Valle-Inclan’s Tyrant Banderas (for NYRB Classics), Teresa Solana’s Crazy Tales of Blood and Guts, Mercè Rodoreda’s In Diamond Square and Najat El Hachmi’s The Body Hunter.

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    The Gray Notebook

    This great work of 20th-century personal exploration and revelation was suppressed—as was all work written in the author’s native Catalan—during the Franco regime. When it was finally published, its delightful depiction of youth culture and family life at the turn of the century, set in a just-flowering Barcelona and the unspoilt beach and countryside, was recognized as an instant classic. It is now available in English for the first time.

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    Tyrant Banderas

    The first great twentieth-century novel of dictatorship, and an inspiration to García Márquez and Roa Bastos, Tyrant Banderas is a dark and dazzling portrayal of a mythical Latin American Republic at last revolting against the ruthless monster that has ruled it for so long.