Robert Chandler and Elizabeth Chandler

Robert Chandler and Elizabeth Chandler are co-translators of the NYRB Classics editions of Andrey Platonov’s Soul and The Foundation Pit. Robert Chandler’s masterful translation of Vasily Grossman’s Life and Fate first appeared in 1985.

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    The Captain’s Daughter

    At once a fairy tale and a thrilling historical novel of rebellion and romance, this singularly Russian work of the imagination is also a timeless, universal, and very winning story of how love and duty can summon pluck and luck to confront calamity. “The Captain’s Daughter is one of the stories in which Pushkin created Russian prose…. It is true poet’s prose, absolutely clear, objective, unpretentious and penetrating.”—Robert Conquest, The Spectator

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    Happy Moscow

    Happy Moscow isn’t a place, but a person, a gifted orphan whose flair for parachuting catapults her into the Soviet elite. Until, that is, she comes in for a great fall and reveals that Stalin’s utopia isn’t quite as happy as it’s made out to be. “A reminder of the unique, paradoxical power of literature to expose the mismatch between rhetoric and reality.”—The Spectator