Sakutarō Hagiwara

Sakutarō Hagiwara (1886–1942) was a Japanese poet and writer of free verse. He published several poetry anthologies and co-founded the literary magazine Kanjō, which focused on modern Japanese poetry’s departure from traditional rules and structural constraints. He taught at Meji University from 1934 until his death.

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    Sakutarō Hagiwara is the ultimate modern Japanese poet. He first perfected the use of the colloquial language as a medium for modern poetic expression. Using that language, he reveals a sensibility that can be tough, neurotic, ironic, touching, and profound, sometimes all in the same poem. Always rhythmic and occasionally obscure, poem after poem can represent a scintillating verbal and spiritual adventure, particularly in the lucid and elegant translations created by Hiroaki Sato.”—J. Thomas Rimer