Sheila Burnford

Sheila Burnford (1918–1984) was born in Scotland and emigrated to Canada in the 1950s. Her first novel, The Incredible Journey, was a modest success when it was first published in 1961, but became a best seller after it adapted for film by the Walt Disney Company in 1963 and again in 1993 (as Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey). Burnford followed up her novel with three books of non-fiction, including One Woman’s Arctic, an account of her activities (dog sledding among them) on the Canadian Arctic island of Baffin, and two books for young readers. In 1978 she published Bel Ria (1978), her final book, which drew on her experience as a volunteer ambulance driver during World War II.

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    Bel Ria

    Sheila Burnford, the author of The Incredible Journey, offers the spellbinding tale of a small dog caught up in the Second World War, and of the extraordinary life-transforming attachments he forms with the people he encounters in the course of a perilous passage from occupied France to besieged England.