Stephen Greenblatt

Stephen Greenblatt is Cogan University Professor of English and American Literature and Language at Harvard University. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and in Vermont. His most recent book, The Swerve: How the World Became Modern, won the National Book Award for Nonfiction.

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    Shakespeare’s Montaigne

    There is no better to way to encounter Montaigne’s searching, eloquent essays than as William Shakespeare did, in lyrical translation by his contemporary John Florio. Here noted Shakespearean scholar Greenblatt accompanies the texts with a learned and engaging essay, tracking Montaignian themes in such works as King Lear and The Tempest and setting his work in elegant context.

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    Religio Medici and Urne-Buriall

    This new edition of Browne’s two most enduring and beloved works, in which he ponders life, death, religion, and healing, has been assembled by the bestselling author of Will in the World, Stephen Greenblatt, and Renaissance scholar Ramie Targoff. It includes an extensive introduction and helpful annotations.