Tayeb Salih

Tayeb Salih (1929-2009) was born in northern Sudan and educated at the University of Khartoum. After a brief period working as a teacher, he moved to London to work with the BBC Arabic Service. Salih later worked as director general of information in Qatar in the Arabian Gulf, and then with UNESCO in Paris and the Arab Gulf States. Along with The Wedding of Zein, his books in English include Season of Migration to the North (also published as an NYRB Classic) and Bandarshah.

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    Traversing the enchanting terrain of village life on the upper Nile, Salih’s elegant masterpieces will never fail to impress and transport with their superbly agile storytelling.

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    The Wedding of Zein

    Salih returns to the Sudanese village that was the setting of Season of Migration to the North to tell a variety of tales—including the title story, in which the miraculous betrothal of the town fool unites its residents in unforeseen ways. “A long ululation for life, a hymn of love.” —Ali al-Rai

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    Season of Migration to the North

    One of the pinnacles of modern Arabic literature, Season of Migration to the North is a work of scorching honesty and incandescent lyricism.