Thomas Teal

Thomas Teal has translated many of Tove Jansson’s works into English, beginning in the 1970s with The Summer Book and Sun City and more recently, The True Deceiver (2009, winner of the Best Translated Book Award), and Fair Play (2011, winner of the Bernard Shaw Prize for translation from the Swedish). He also co-translated Jansson’s short stories in The Woman Who Borrowed Memories. He lives in Massachusetts.

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    The Woman Who Borrowed Memories

    Tove Jansson’s natural mode was the brief tale—whether in her comic strips or Moomin stories, or in her moving compilation of moments from family life on a remote island, The Summer Book. This first, career-spanning collection of her short stories returns to the settings of Jansson’s familiar work and also delves deeper into themes of travel, artistic creation, and the conundrum of living among humans as flawed as oneself.

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    Fair Play

    The art of loving, creating, and living is examined in this group of quietly moving, “discreetly radical” episodes from the lives of two artists. This is the first US publication of Thomas Teal’s prize-winning translation. “A book about love—tender, eccentric and fiercely independent. It feels a privilege to read it.”—Esther Freud

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    The True Deceiver

    A story of manipulation and deceit set in the depths of the Swedish winter, The True Deceiver is unlike anything else Tove Jansson wrote. “I loved this book. It’s cool in both senses of the word, understated yet exciting, and with a tension that keeps you reading.” —Ruth Rendell

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    The Summer Book

    A grandmother and her granddaughter live out a summer of play, talk, love, and exploration on a tiny island in the Gulf of Finland (also the setting for some of the author’s Moomintroll tales). “A marvelous, beautiful, wise novel, which is also very funny.” —Philip Pullman