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book image The Man Who Lost His Head
Man Who Lost His Head
Claire Huchet Bishop
+ Description

What would you do if your head went missing? Would you replace it with a pumpkin? a parsnip? maybe a block of wood? The man who lost his head tries all of these things, but it takes a brash bold boy to save the day. This delightful tale pairs the author of The Five Chinese Brothers with the creator of Make Way for Ducklings.
Contributors: Robert McCloskey

book image The Two Cars
Two Cars
Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire
+ Description

On a moonlight night an old jalopy and a shiny new sports car race through the streets to find out who is the fastest and best. The d'Aulaires, whose books of Greek and Norse myths have enchanted older children for generations, present younger children with a modern take on the fable of the tortoise and the hare.

book image D'Aulaires' Book of Animals
Book of Animals
Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire
+ Description

This remarkably beautiful volume unfolds into an 8-foot long two-sided panoramic work of art on which the animals of the world are rendered in vibrant color and the moonlit shades of night.

book image Wee Gillis
Wee Gillis
Munro Leaf
+ Description

By the author and illustrator of the bestselling children's book The Story of Ferdinand.
Wee Gillis spends half the year with his father's rough and rawkus highland people and the other half with his mother's gentle sheephearding folk. But it's up to him to decide where he fits in.
Contributors: Robert Lawson

book image The Backward Day
Backward Day
Ruth Krauss
+ Description

The author of The Carrot Seed and the illustrator of Nate the Great, who together produced the Caldecott Award-winning The Happy Day, reunite for this charming story of a little boy who decides to live the day in reverse, from putting his underclothes on over his coat and pants to greeting his family at the breakfast table with a "Good night!"
Contributors: Marc Simont

book image The Sorely Trying Day
Sorely Trying Day
Russell and Lillian Hoban
+ Description

What a mess! The cat is on top of the grandfather clock, the dog is barking and lunging, and all the children are squabbling and shouting. Well, who started it? Each child points to the next, and even the dog blames the cat. But the truth is another story. From the author and illustrator of the Frances books.

book image The Mousewife
Rumer Godden
+ Description

Rumer Godden's beautiful tale of a downtrodden mouse and her friendship with a caged dove is based on a story by Dorothy Wordsworth. William Pène du Bois's elegant pen-and-ink drawings complement this meditation on love and freedom.
Contributors: William Pène du Bois

book image Jenny's Birthday Book
Jenny's Birthday Book
Esther Averill
+ Description

Today is the day, the day of days, the day of Jenny Linsky's birthday!

book image Jenny's Moonlight Adventure
Jenny's Moonlight
Esther Averill
+ Description

It's Halloween—a special night for black cats everywhere, especially Jenny .

book image The School For Cats
School for Cats
Esther Averill
+ Description

"Five to eight-year-olds who have their own problems of adjustment in school will rejoice in Jenny's moral triumph." —The New York Times