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book image Three Ladies Beside the Sea
Three Ladies Beside the Sea
Rhoda Levine
+ Description

Wickedly funny and delightfully sad, Three Ladies Beside the Sea is a tale of love found, love lost, and love never-ending. Edward Gorey’s off-kilter Edwardian maidens are the perfect accompaniment to opera librettist Rhoda Levine’s lilting rhymes.
Contributors: Edward Gorey

book image Taka-chan and I: A Dog's Journey to Japan by Runcible
Taka-chan and I
Betty Jean Lifton
+ Description

Runcible the Weimeraner digs a hole from Cape Cod to Japan, where he discovers Taka-chan, a little girl imprisoned by a sea dragon. Runcible will do anything to free his new friend the two head to Toyko, there to answer the dragon’s challenge to find the most loyal creature in all the land.
Contributors: Eikoh Hosoe

book image The Silver Nutmeg: The Story of Anna Lavinia and Toby
Silver Nutmeg
Palmer Brown
+ Description

The Silver Nutmeg continues the adventures begun in Beyond the Pawpaw Trees, and features loads of sense, a little nonsense, and more delightful verses from Anna Lavinia’s beloved Songs from Nowhere. Best of all, fans of Palmer Brown’s intricate drawings will find every page a delight for the eyes.

book image The Rescuers
Margery Sharp
+ Description

The Mouse Prisoner's Aid Society, here headed up by Miss Bianca, a pampered white mouse and Nils, the bravest mouse in the land go on assignment to rescue a famous poet from a dreadful black castle, where he is being imprisoned by the cruel cat Mamelouke. This story, here illustrated by the great Garth Williams, was the inspiration for a Disney animated film of the same name.
Contributors: Garth Williams

book image Pinocchio (Illustrated)
Carlo Collodi
+ Description

This edition of Carlo Collodi's original, madcap tale is accompanied by more than 50 full-page watercolors by acclaimed painter Fulvio Testa. "This translation revives the sardonic wit and black humour of the original."
London Times
Contributors: Umberto Eco , Fulvio Testa , Geoffrey Brock

book image Jenny and the Cat Club: A Collection of Favorite Stories About Jenny Linsky
Esther Averill
+ Description

In Greenwich Village an orphaned black cat lives happily with her master, a sea captain. Still, the gentle Jenny Linsky would like nothing more than to join the local Cat Club, whose members include Madame Butterfly, an elegant Persian, the high-stepping Macaroni, and stately, plump Mr. President.

book image Beyond the Pawpaw Trees: The Story of Anna Lavinia
Beyond the Pawpaw Trees
Palmer Brown
+ Description

Beyond the Pawpaw Trees is a tour through a land as strange and wonderful as Oz, filled with people as delightfully batty as any in Alice’s looking glass. It is a book to which you will want to return again and again, to read of Anna Lavinia’s adventures and to marvel over author and illustrator Palmer Brown’s intricate, sugar-spun drawings.

book image The Bear That Wasn't
Bear That Wasn't
Frank Tashlin
+ Description

The perils of being a modern bear! One minute you're hibernating in the forest, the next you wake to find a factory built over your den. And when you try to explain yourself, the management laughs in your face, telling you to get back to work—and to get a shave. A sharp, comic parable from Tashlin, a legendary animator and screenwriter.

book image The Terrible Troll-Bird
Terrible Troll-Bird
Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire
+ Description

One summer's eve Ola, Lina, Sina, and Trina leave their village to gather firewood in the forest, when they're surprised by the hideous call of the terrible troll-bird, a giant rooster who pops up out of the treetops and swoops down to devour their beloved horse Blakken. Little does the terrible troll-bird know that he has finally met his match: his terrible days of terrorizing are over.

book image Ounce Dice Trice
Ounce Dice Trice
Alastair Reid
+ Description

Ben Shahn illustrates this notebook of fabulous words: heavy words, squishy words, made up words, names for cats, whales, and houses. Says the author: "All the words here are meant to be said aloud, over and over, for your own delight."
Contributors: Ben Shahn

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