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book image Smith: The Story of a Pickpocket
Smith: The Story of a Pickpocket
Leon Garfield
+ Description

Full of high adventure and vivid characters, this Dickensian tale about a child pickpocket is perfect for any young reader that loves history, mystery, and lots of serious fun.

book image The Abandoned
Paul Gallico
+ Description

Young Peter sees a striped kitten in a park across the road from his house. As he crosses the street, he is struck by a truck. When he awakes, he discovers he has been transformed into a cat. Luckily, he is befriended by the street-smart stray, Jennie, who shows him how to survive in a world where dangers are many and humans are cruel.

book image A Traveller in Time
Traveller in Time
Alison Uttley
+ Description

Unbeknownst to her, Emily’s ancient ancestral home is a portal to the past. Transported to Elizabethan times, she is swept up in attempts to free the imprisoned Mary, Queen of Scots. Uttley is one of England’s most beloved storytellers for children. Here she mixes enchantment and intrigue with stunning descriptions of rural life.
Contributors: Phyllis Bray

book image Lizard Music
Lizard Music
Daniel Pinkwater
+ Description

On his own for the summer, Victor is free to drink all the grape soda he wants, eat anchovy pizza, and stay up late watching TV. But what can explain the Lizard big band that's being broadcast after the late-late movie? “Pinkwater is the uniquest. And so are his books. Each uniquer than the last … A delight in oddness. A magic that’s not like anyone else’s." —Neil Gaiman

book image Terrible, Horrible Edie
Terrible, Horrible Edie
E. C. Spykman
+ Description

Ten-year-old Edie Cares is not really horrible or terrible, she just has a lot to contend with this summer, including two snooty brothers, a fancy-pants sister, and two stepsisters who are no better than babies. But when it comes to getting out of scrapes—never mind getting into them—Edie can more than hold her own.

book image Carbonel & Calidor
Carbonel & Calidor
Barbara Sleigh
+ Description

When Carbonel's son decides to give up his birthright and apprentice himself to a witch, Rosemary and John must use all the magic within their power to save him.
Contributors: Charles Front

book image The Kingdom of Carbonel
Kingdom of Carbonel
Barbara Sleigh
+ Description

It's good cats versus bad in a thrilling battle for the future of the enchanted land of Cat Country. "The children are lively, the grown-ups (including the witch) colorful and the mingling of magic and reality is most effective." —The New York Times
Contributors: Richard Kennedy

book image The Wonderful O
Wonderful O
James Thurber
+ Description

A thoroughly uproarious Thurberian experiment with language and a warning to those who would try to tame it. Two pirates conquer an island and attempt to purge it of the odious letter O. Cnfusin reigns, and chas—until the islanders decide to get their vowel back.
Contributors: Marc Simont

book image The Midnight Folk
Midnight Folk
John Masefield
+ Description

The hero of The Box of Delights "must fight dark magic to uncover his family's treasure. It won't be easy, but luckily he has an owl, a fox, a cat and a box of toys to help him on his way."—The Guardian (London)
Contributors: Madeleine L'Engle , Rowland Hilder

book image The 13 Clocks
13 Clocks
James Thurber
+ Description

Satirist Thurber takes on the fairy tale and the results are captivating. "There are spys, monsters, betrayals, hair's-breadth escapes, spells to be broken and all the usual accouterments, but Thurber gives the proceedings his own particular deadpan spin." —Los Angeles Times
Contributors: Neil Gaiman , Marc Simont

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