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book image Uncle Cleans Up
Uncle Cleans Up
J. P. Martin
+ Description

Uncle and his friends defend the labyrinthine regions of castle Homeward from the Badfort baddies. "A classic of British nonsense.... And a most elegant nonsense it is, utterly silly and deeply sophisticated at the same time." —Newsday

Contributors: Quentin Blake

book image The Box of Delights
Box of Delights
John Masefield
+ Description

A perfect Christmas treat, "The Box of Delights is…crammed full of fantasy and adventures, almost as if every known children's story had been combined in one. There's space travel and time travel and evil villains and holiday sentiments and adventures, adventures, adventures." —The Seattle Times
Contributors: Judith Masefield

book image Uncle
J. P. Martin
+ Description

The madcap drawings of illustration-superstar Quentin Blake perfectly capture the silly and skewed world of Uncle, a fabulously rich elephant who oversees the denizens of his labyrinthine estate and fends off the attacks of his enemies, the hapless Badfort crowd. Read one of the bedtime-length stories in this book and join the cult of Uncle!
Contributors: Quentin Blake

book image Pecos Bill: The Greatest Cowboy of All Time
Pecos Bill
James Cloyd Bowman
+ Description

Tall tales of the legendary cowboy Pecos Bill—raised by coyotes and able to tame even the wildest bronco—that bring out the fun and adventure of the original folk stories. Includes the original 1930s border-art-inspired color and black-and-white illustrations.
Contributors: Laura Bannon

book image Charlotte Sometimes
Charlotte Sometimes
Penelope Farmer
+ Description

As if starting a new boarding school isn't disorienting enough, Charlotte wakes up one morning to discover she's been transported back in time to 1918. An eerie and suspenseful story about figuring out who you really are.

book image Bel Ria: Dog of War
Bel Ria Dog of War
Sheila Burnford
+ Description

Sheila Burnford, the author of The Incredible Journey, offers the spellbinding tale of a small dog caught up in the Second World War, and of the extraordinary life-transforming attachments he forms with the people he encounters in the course of a perilous passage from occupied France to besieged England.

book image D'Aulaires' Book of Trolls
D'Aulaires' Book of Trolls
Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire
+ Description

D'Aulaires' Book of Trolls, the spectacularly illustrated and delightfully entertaining companion volume to the much-acclaimed D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths.

book image The Peterkin Papers
Peterkin Papers
Lucretia P. Hale
+ Description

Before Amelia Bedelia and the Stupids there were the Peterkins.

book image The Lost Island
Lost Island
Eilís Dillon
+ Description

A gripping adventure story of two boys and a mysterious treasure.

book image The House of Arden
House of Arden
E. Nesbit
+ Description

"I love E. Nesbit—I think she is great and I identify with the way that she writes. Her children are very real children and she was quite a ground breaker in her day." —J.K. Rowling