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book image The 13 Clocks
13 Clocks
James Thurber
+ Description

Satirist Thurber takes on the fairy tale and the results are captivating. "There are spys, monsters, betrayals, hair's-breadth escapes, spells to be broken and all the usual accouterments, but Thurber gives the proceedings his own particular deadpan spin." —Los Angeles Times
Contributors: Neil Gaiman , Marc Simont

book image The Bears' Famous Invasion of Sicily
Dino Buzzati
+ Description

Dino Buzzati's classic tale chronicles the terrible winter that sent the starving bears down into the valley in search of food, as well as their struggles with an army of wild boars, a wily professor who may or may not be a magician, snarling Marmoset the Cat, and, worse still, treachery within their own ranks.

book image The Bear and the People
Bear and the People
Reiner Zimnik
+ Description

Profound in its simplicity, the tale is also a tribute to man's devotion to God and the goodness of the human soul.

book image The Box of Delights
Box of Delights
John Masefield
+ Description

A perfect Christmas treat, "The Box of Delights is…crammed full of fantasy and adventures, almost as if every known children's story had been combined in one. There's space travel and time travel and evil villains and holiday sentiments and adventures, adventures, adventures." —The Seattle Times
Contributors: Judith Masefield

book image Charlotte Sometimes
Charlotte Sometimes
Penelope Farmer
+ Description

As if starting a new boarding school isn't disorienting enough, Charlotte wakes up one morning to discover she's been transported back in time to 1918. An eerie and suspenseful story about figuring out who you really are.

book image D'Aulaires' Book of Trolls
D'Aulaires' Book of Trolls
Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire
+ Description

D'Aulaires' Book of Trolls, the spectacularly illustrated and delightfully entertaining companion volume to the much-acclaimed D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths.

book image An Episode Of Sparrows
Episode Of Sparrows
Rumer Godden
+ Description

Neighborhood children—"the sparrows"—have been in search of "good, garden earth." The Garden Committee thinks they have taken it from the private garden in the public square. Have they? An investigation leads to, among other things, a hidden garden.

book image The House of Arden
House of Arden
E. Nesbit
+ Description

"I love E. Nesbit—I think she is great and I identify with the way that she writes. Her children are very real children and she was quite a ground breaker in her day." —J.K. Rowling

book image The Island of Horses
Island of Horses
Eilís Dillon
+ Description

A loving, clear-eyed portrait of rural Irish life, The Island of Horses is fraught with suspense and peopled with unforgettable individuals.

book image The Kingdom of Carbonel
Kingdom of Carbonel
Barbara Sleigh
+ Description

It's good cats versus bad in a thrilling battle for the future of the enchanted land of Cat Country. "The children are lively, the grown-ups (including the witch) colorful and the mingling of magic and reality is most effective." —The New York Times
Contributors: Richard Kennedy

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