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book image Our Spoons Came from Woolworths
Barbara Comyns
+ Description

In this autobiographical novel set in 1930s bohemian London, 21-year-old former art-student Sophia finds herself ill-equipped for wifehood or motherhood. Predictably, her marriage begins to falter; not so predictably, Sophia’s optimistic guilelessness is the very thing responsible for turning her life around.
Contributors: Emily Gould

book image The Cretan Runner
George Psychoundakis
+ Description

Psychoundakis was a twenty-one-year-old shepherd when the Nazis captured his native Crete. He soon joined the Resistance, transporting messages and goods along treacherous mountain paths, and befriending the likes of Patrick Leigh Fermor, who transled this memoir. “Any fresh volume on the subject would need to be exceptional. The Cretan Runner not only competes but transcends; it is not exceptional, it is unique.” —The Times Literary Supplement
Contributors: Patrick Leigh Fermor

book image Dance to the Piper
Agnes de Mille
+ Description

This humorous and insightful memoir by the path-breaking creator of the ballet Rodeo and choreographer of Oklahoma! and other musicals, gives readers a glimpse into the world of modern ballet—and into the life of an American legend. "One of the finest and most eloquent writers on dance the world has known" —Clive Barnes, Dance Magazine
Contributors: Joan Acocella

book image The Voronezh Notebooks
Osip Mandelstam
+ Description

Newly rendered into English by Andrew Davis, Osip Mandelstam’s Voronezh Notebooks comprises poems written by Mandelstam during his infamous exile. In them we find unparalleled witness to one of the darkest periods in twentieth-century Russia. “Even in exile, he wrote works of untold beauty and power.” —Anna Akhmatova
Contributors: Andrew Davis

book image Zone: Selected Poems
Guillaume Apollinaire
+ Description

Translated from the French by lauded poet Ron Padgett, this original collection of Guillaume Apollinaire’s work is the first of its kind, spanning the breadth of the author’s vast oeuvre.
Contributors: Peter Read , Ron Padgett

book image Leon Garfield's Shakespeare Stories
Leon Garfield
+ Description

Award-winning children's author Leon Garfield introduces young readers to the Shakespeare, recasting 21 plays in story form. “Narrated with vivid sense of theatrical impact . . . not pale reflections of the plays, but fresh creations with a life of their own.” —Stanley Wells, TLS
Contributors: Michael Foreman

book image The Little Witch
Otfried Preussler
+ Description

“Once upon a time there was a little witch who was only a hundred and twenty-seven years old.” So begins Preussler’s delightful tale of the little Witch who discovers what it means to be a good witch. “Preussler possessed an almost inexhaustible fantasy, an unfailing sense of humor and situation comedy.” —Bookbird
Contributors: Winnie Gebhardt-Gayler , Anthea Bell

book image The Little Water Sprite
Otfried Preussler
+ Description

Though the little Water Sprite lives in a pond full of fishy friends, he’s ready to explore the world beyond. And what adventures await him on land! Just so long as he doesn’t let his feet get too dry as he plays with the mist fairies, slides down the mill race, and climbs to the moon.
Contributors: Winnie Gebhardt-Gayler , Anthea Bell

book image The Pushcart War
Jean Merrill
+ Description

Now in paperback, the 50th Anniversary Edition of a perennial classic that recounts the battle between supporters of New York City’s scrappy pushcarts and the monstrous, smoke-belching trucks that threaten to overtake its streets. “Merrill’s story, full of unexpected reversals and understated witticisms, feels exceptionally modern.”—Adam Mansbach, NPR
Contributors: Ronni Solbert

book image The 13 Clocks
James Thurber
+ Description

Now available in paperback. Satirist Thurber takes on the fairy tale and the results are captivating. “There are spys, monsters, betrayals, hair’s-breadth escapes, spells to be broken and all the usual accouterments, but Thurber gives the proceedings his own particular deadpan spin.” —The Los Angeles Times
Contributors: Neil Gaiman , Marc Simont