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book image The Age of Conversation
Age of Conversation
Benedetta Craveri
+ Description

An award-winning look at French salons and the women who presided over them.
Contributors: Teresa Waugh

book image Alfred and Guinevere
Alfred and Guinevere
James Schuyler
+ Description

Schuyler has a pitch-perfect ear for the children's voices, and the story, told entirely through snatches of dialogue and passages from Guinevere's diary, is a tour de force of comic and poetic invention.
Contributors: John Ashbery

book image All About H. Hatterr
All About H. Hatterr
G.V. Desani
+ Description

Heralded by T. S. Eliot and an inspiration to Salman Rushdie, All About H. Hatterr is one of the great eccentric books of all time. Newsweek called this comedic search for a man's enlightenment "a mischievous mulligatawny that reads like a collaboration between Mrs. Malaprop and Groucho Marx".
Contributors: Anthony Burgess

book image Alone! Alone!: Lives of Some Outsider Women
Rosemary Dinnage
+ Description

In the course of over thirty years of writing about psychology, child development, biography, and fiction, Rosemary Dinnage has encountered a variety of outstanding women, all of whom, in one way or another, felt powerfully alone.

book image American Humor: A Study of the National Character
American Humor
Constance Rourke
+ Description

Constance Rourke's pioneering "study of the national character" examines such legendary figures as the Yankee, the backwoodsman, and the minstrel singer to show how the popular comic imagination contributed to America's changing self-awareness.
Contributors: Greil Marcus

book image The Anatomy of Melancholy
Anatomy of Melancholy
Robert Burton
+ Description

One of the major documents of modern European civilization, Robert Burton's astounding compendium, a survey of melancholy in all its myriad forms, has invited nothing but superlatives since its publication in the seventeenth century.
Contributors: William H. Gass

book image Anglo-Saxon Attitudes
Anglo-Saxon Attitudes
Angus Wilson
+ Description

"After Evelyn Waugh, what? The answer is Angus Wilson, a master of mimicry, diction, intention and wit." —Edmund Wilson
Contributors: Jane Smiley

book image Apartment in Athens
Apartment in Athens
Glenway Wescott
+ Description

In this story about a Greek couple in Nazi-occupied Athens who must share their living quarters with a German officer, Wescott offers an account of political oppression and spiritual struggle that is also a parable about the costs of closeted identity.
Contributors: David Leavitt

book image As a Man Grows Older
As a Man Grows Older
Italo Svevo
+ Description

A brilliant study of hopeless love and hapless indecision. It is a masterwork of Italian literature, here beautifully rendered into English in Beryl de Zoete's classic translation.
Contributors: James Lasdun , Beryl de Zoete

book image Asleep in the Sun
Asleep in the Sun
Adolfo Bioy Casares
+ Description

Bioy Casares's strange, sly novel may be read as a fable of modern politics or as a meditation on the elusive parameters of the self. Above all, it is an almost scarily perfect comic turn, as well as a pure delight.
Contributors: James Sallis , Suzanne Jill Levine