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book image Anglo-Saxon Attitudes
Anglo-Saxon Attitudes
Angus Wilson
+ Description

"After Evelyn Waugh, what? The answer is Angus Wilson, a master of mimicry, diction, intention and wit." —Edmund Wilson
Contributors: Jane Smiley

book image Apartment in Athens
Apartment in Athens
Glenway Wescott
+ Description

In this story about a Greek couple in Nazi-occupied Athens who must share their living quarters with a German officer, Wescott offers an account of political oppression and spiritual struggle that is also a parable about the costs of closeted identity.
Contributors: David Leavitt

book image As a Man Grows Older
As a Man Grows Older
Italo Svevo
+ Description

A brilliant study of hopeless love and hapless indecision. It is a masterwork of Italian literature, here beautifully rendered into English in Beryl de Zoete's classic translation.
Contributors: James Lasdun , Beryl de Zoete

book image Asleep in the Sun
Asleep in the Sun
Adolfo Bioy Casares
+ Description

Bioy Casares's strange, sly novel may be read as a fable of modern politics or as a meditation on the elusive parameters of the self. Above all, it is an almost scarily perfect comic turn, as well as a pure delight.
Contributors: James Sallis , Suzanne Jill Levine

book image The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian
Autobiography of an Unknown Indian
Nirad C. Chaudhuri
+ Description

The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian is an astonishing work of self-discovery and the revelation of a peerless and provocative sensibility.
Contributors: Ian Jack

book image The Backward Day
Backward Day
Ruth Krauss
+ Description

The author of The Carrot Seed and the illustrator of Nate the Great, who together produced the Caldecott Award-winning The Happy Day, reunite for this charming story of a little boy who decides to live the day in reverse, from putting his underclothes on over his coat and pants to greeting his family at the breakfast table with a "Good night!"
Contributors: Marc Simont

book image The Bears' Famous Invasion of Sicily
Dino Buzzati
+ Description

Dino Buzzati's classic tale chronicles the terrible winter that sent the starving bears down into the valley in search of food, as well as their struggles with an army of wild boars, a wily professor who may or may not be a magician, snarling Marmoset the Cat, and, worse still, treachery within their own ranks.

book image Belchamber
Howard Sturgis
+ Description

Howard Sturgis was close friends with Henry James and Edith Wharton. "More Jamesian than the Master in hinting at melodrama yet keeping it at arm's length, Sturgis is an absolute modern in stirring up tensions on behalf of one of the quietest heroes in British fiction." —The New Republic
Contributors: Edmund White , E.M. Forster

book image Between the Woods and the Water: On Foot to Constantinople: From the Middle Danube to the Iron Gates
Between the Woods and the Water
Patrick Leigh Fermor
+ Description

Continuing the epic foot journey across Europe begun in A Time of Gifts.
Contributors: Jan Morris

book image Beware of Pity
Beware of Pity
Stefan Zweig
+ Description

The most widely read author writing in German prior to the rise of the Nazis, Zweig captures the torment of betrayal in a powerful study of affliction.
Contributors: Joan Acocella , Phyllis and Trevor Blewitt