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book image Pinocchio
Carlo Collodi
+ Description

This new translation of Pinocchio will forever banish the saucer-eyed Disney character from your mind (not to mention the advice-spouting Talking Cricket, whom Pinocchio squashes with a mallet in chapter 4). In his place is Collodi's greedy, charming, subversive boy-puppet and a dreamlike story that flaunts its commedia dell'arte roots.
Contributors: Umberto Eco , Rebecca West , Geoffrey Brock

book image Letters from Russia
Letters from Russia
Astolphe de Custine
+ Description

The Marquis de Custine's record of his trip to Russia in 1839 is a brilliantly perceptive, even prophetic, account of one of the world's most fascinating and troubled countries.
Contributors: Anka Muhlstein

book image Grief Lessons (Paperback): Four Plays by Euripides
Grief Lessons
+ Description

"Why does tragedy exist? Because you are full of rage. Why are you full of rage? Because you are full of grief." Celebrated contemporary poet and classicist Anne Carson presents new translations of four plays by Euripides.
Contributors: Anne Carson

book image The Little Bookroom: Eleanor Farjeon's Short Stories for Children Chosen by Herself
Eleanor Farjeon
+ Description

"Eleanor Farjeon is a master at presenting the world as romance. Yet there is bite in it. Her worlds of imagination are no simpering constructions, all syrup and sugar, with fairies uprooted from their antique and awesome lineage. They are shadowed with weeping now and then, but the strongest note is affirmation, an exuberance of joy." —The Horn Book
Contributors: Rumer Godden , Edward Ardizzone

book image Troubles
J.G. Farrell
+ Description

Troubles is a hilarious and heartbreaking work by a modern master of the historical novel.
Contributors: John Banville

book image The Singapore Grip
Singapore Grip
J.G. Farrell
+ Description

A sweeping historical novel as well as a stinging satire of corporate power, imperial greed, and military arrogance.
Contributors: Derek Mahon

book image Novels in Three Lines
Novels in Three Lines
Félix Fénéon
+ Description

Luc Sante has selected the best of anarchist and art critic Fénéon's vignettes of the darker side of life—adultery, murder, revenge, labor unrest, and suicide—in early-20th-century France. —Illustrated
Contributors: Luc Sante

book image Between the Woods and the Water: On Foot to Constantinople: From the Middle Danube to the Iron Gates
Between the Woods and the Water
Patrick Leigh Fermor
+ Description

Continuing the epic foot journey across Europe begun in A Time of Gifts.
Contributors: Jan Morris

book image Mani: Travels in the Southern Peloponnese
Patrick Leigh Fermor
+ Description

Patrick Leigh Fermor carries the reader with him on his journeys amongst the peoples of the southernmost parts of Greece, exploring their history and time-honored lore.
Contributors: Michael Gorra

book image Roumeli: Travels In Northern Greece
Patrick Leigh Fermor
+ Description

Travel writing's very own "cross between Indiana Jones, James Bond, and Graham Greene" explores northern Greece.
Contributors: Patricia Storace