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book image Dirty Snow
Georges Simenon
+ Description

Dirty Snow, widely acknowledged as one of Simenon's finest books, is a study of the criminal mind comparable to Jim Thompson's The Killer Inside Me.
Contributors: William T. Vollmann , Marc Romano and Louise Varese

book image Envy
Yuri Olesha
+ Description

Envy is an anarchic comedy of co-dependency and complete misunderstanding.
Contributors: Ken Kalfus , Marian Schwartz

book image An Ermine In Czernopol
Ermine in Czernopol
Gregor von Rezzori
+ Description

The first of Rezzori’s three books based on memories of his Austro-Hungarian hometown, a “melting pot for dozens of ethnic groups, languages, creeds, temperaments, and customs.” While the story centers on the downfall of a once glamorous Hussar, it is really about childhood enchantment and the richness of a vanished world. “A flashing novel of ideas.” —Time
Contributors: Daniel Kehlmann , Philip Boehm

book image Eustace and Hilda: A Trilogy
Eustace and Hilda: A Trilogy
L.P. Hartley
+ Description

The three books gathered together as Eustace and Hilda explore a brother and sister's lifelong relationship. Hilda, the older child, is both self-sacrificing and domineering, as puritanical as she is gorgeous; Eustace is a gentle, dreamy, pleasure-loving boy.
Contributors: Anita Brookner

book image Everything Flows
Everything Flows
Vasily Grossman
+ Description

The final novel from the author of Life and Fate centers on a former political prisoner adjusting to freedom after decades spent in Soviet camps. It is a story of love, survival, honor, and an indictment of the totalitarian state.
Contributors: Robert Chandler , Robert Chandler, Elizabeth Chandler, and Anna Aslanyan

book image Fortunes of War: The Balkan Trilogy
Fortunes of War: The Balkan Trilogy
Olivia Manning
+ Description

A multi-stranded and engrossing novel of civilian life during World War II. "One of those combinations of soap opera and literature that are so rare you'd think it would meet the conditions of two kinds of audiences: those after what the trade calls 'a good read,' and those who want something more." —Howard Moss, The New York Review of Books
Contributors: Rachel Cusk

book image The Fox in the Attic
Fox in the Attic
Richard Hughes
+ Description

A tale of enormous suspense and growing horror, The Fox in the Attic is the widely acclaimed first part of Richard Hughes's monumental historical fiction, "The Human Predicament."
Contributors: Hilary Mantel

book image The Goshawk
T.H. White
+ Description

"When I first saw him he was a round thing like a clothes basket covered with sacking." What the author of The Once and Future King discovered beneath this unpromising cover was much more than Gos—the hawk he acquired after reading century-old falconry training manuals—but a tragicomic battle both of endurance and wills unlike anything he'd experienced before.
Contributors: Marie Winn

book image Great Granny Webster
Great Granny Webster
Caroline Blackwood
+ Description

This macabre, mordantly funny, partly auto-biographical novel reveals the gothic craziness behind the scenes in the great houses of the aristocracy, as witnessed through the unsparing eyes of an orphaned teenage girl.
Contributors: Honor Moore

book image Grief Lessons (Paperback): Four Plays by Euripides
Grief Lessons
+ Description

"Why does tragedy exist? Because you are full of rage. Why are you full of rage? Because you are full of grief." Celebrated contemporary poet and classicist Anne Carson presents new translations of four plays by Euripides.
Contributors: Anne Carson