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book image My Century
My Century
Aleksander Wat
+ Description

The great Polish poet Aleksander Wat's memoirs provide a powerful and moving account of life in Eastern Europe in the terrible twentieth century.
Contributors: Czeslaw Milosz , Richard Lourie

book image Peking Story: The Last Days of Old China
Peking Story
David Kidd
+ Description

"Kidd's pieces are simple, graceful, comic, mournful miniatures of an ominous catastrophe, the unprecedently swift death of a uniquely ancient civilization." —John Updike

book image The World of Odysseus
World of Odysseus
M.I. Finley
+ Description

The World of Odysseus provides a vivid picture of the Greek Dark Ages, its men and women, works and days, morals and values.
Contributors: Bernard Knox

book image Looking Back
Looking Back
+ Description

In these eleven essays, all originally published in The New York Review of Books, Russell Baker looks back on a group of iconic public figures from his own past.

book image Letters from Russia
Letters from Russia
Astolphe de Custine
+ Description

The Marquis de Custine's record of his trip to Russia in 1839 is a brilliantly perceptive, even prophetic, account of one of the world's most fascinating and troubled countries.
Contributors: Anka Muhlstein

book image India: A Mosaic
India: A Mosaic
Robert B. Silvers, Barbara Epstein
+ Description

In this collection, distinguished writers from East and West bring their distinctive perspectives to Indian history, politics and literature.
Contributors: Arundhati Roy

book image Sacagawea's Nickname: Essays on the American West
Sacagawea's Nickname
Larry McMurtry
+ Description

Once again Larry McMurtry casts a keen and elegaic eye not only on the often harsh truths of the West, but also on the power of western illusions.

book image The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian
Autobiography of an Unknown Indian
Nirad C. Chaudhuri
+ Description

The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian is an astonishing work of self-discovery and the revelation of a peerless and provocative sensibility.
Contributors: Ian Jack

book image Madame de Pompadour
Madame de Pompadour
Nancy Mitford
+ Description

Nancy Mitford's delightfully candid biography re-creates the spirit of eighteenth-century Versailles with its love of pleasure and treachery.
Contributors: Amanda Foreman

book image Classic Crimes
Classic Crimes
William Roughead
+ Description

Displaying a meticulous command of evidence and unerring dramatic flair, Roughead brings to life some of the most notorious crimes and extraordinary trials of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century England and Scotland.
Contributors: Luc Sante