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book image Basti
Intizar Husain
+ Description

Basti exlores the divided consciousness of Pakistan, a country born of division and suffering from it to this day. Set during the chaos of the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war, the novel centers on the meetings and partings and memories and desires of a group of young men who seek to comprehend their country's disastrous situation. A masterpiece of modern Urdu fiction, Basti fuses modernist montage with stories from Muslim, Hindu, Persian, and Buddhist traditions in a poignant lament for the fallen historical world.
Contributors: Asif Farrukhi , Frances W. Pritchett

book image Ravan and Eddie
Ravan and Eddie
Kiran Nagarkar
+ Description

A delightful comic romp through the misadventures of two boys, Ravan (Hindu) and Eddie (Catholic), whose lives are entwined by chance and circumstance in a sprawling and crowded Mumbai tenement building.

book image 1948
Yoram Kaniuk
+ Description

A haunting, astute, utterly original novel about the Israeli War of Independence, drawn from Yoram Kaniuk’s experience as a 17-year-old solider and filtered through six decades of memory.
Contributors: Anthony Berris

book image Going to the Dogs: The Story of a Moralist
Going to the Dogs
Erich Kästner
+ Description

Berlin, 1929: There's little hope, but plenty of amusement to be had if you know where to look. Jakob Fabian, 32, “at present an advertising copywriter," isn't one to mope; he and his friends prowl the city's cabarets, exchanging barbs and looking for girls. "Graceful, vivid and distinguished … a little masterpiece of pathos and calamity.”—Michael Sadleir
Contributors: Rodney Livingstone , Cyrus Brooks

book image Beirut, I Love You: A Memoir
Beirut, I Love You
Zena el Khalil
+ Description

The story of Zena, a young artist who has fallen under the spell of a city that both attracts and repels her and threatens to engulf her in war, grief, and love affairs.

book image Tyrant Banderas
Tyrant Banderas
Ramón del Valle-Inclán
+ Description

The first great twentieth-century novel of dictatorship, and an inspiration to García Márquez and Roa Bastos, Tyrant Banderas is a dark and dazzling portrayal of a mythical Latin American Republic at last revolting against the ruthless monster that has ruled it for so long.
Contributors: Alberto Manguel , Peter Bush

book image Dead Souls
Dead Souls
Nikolai Gogol
+ Description

This tale of an affably cunning con who establishes a thriving trade in “dead souls”—serfs who though no longer alive can still, he finds, be profitably bought and sold—is also a brilliant spoof of a corrupt society, full of the living dead. This new translation captures Gogol’s linguistic invention and the anarchic fun of his writing.
Contributors: Donald Rayfield

book image Confusion
Stefan Zweig
+ Description

Confusion is one of [Zweig’s] finest and most exemplary works…a perfect reminder of, or introduction to, Zweig’s economy and subtlety as a writer.” —Robert Macfarlane, The Times Literary Supplement
Contributors: George Prochnik , Anthea Bell

book image Amsterdam Stories
Amsterdam Stories
+ Description

The first English-language translation of a writer whose growing reputation and cult readership have marked him as a figure in world literature. Nescio’s stories are inhabited by wastrels and charmers, the young and the no-longer-young, the bourgeois and the bohemian. He is a great stylist, capturing the mercantile city of Amsterdam and its bucolic surrounding countryside with equal vitality.
Contributors: Joseph O'Neill , Damion Searls

book image Berlin Stories
Berlin Stories
Robert Walser
+ Description

Robert Walser lived in Berlin from 1905 to 1913. This newly translated collection brings together his alternately celebratory, droll, and satirical sketches of the bustling German capital, from its theaters, cabarets, painters’ galleries, and literary salons, to the metropolitan street, markets, the Tiergarten, rapid-service restaurants, and the electric tram.
Contributors: Jochen Greven , Susan Bernofsky