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book image Fair Play
Fair Play
Tove Jansson
+ Description

The art of loving, creating, and living is examined in this group of quietly moving, "discreetly radical" episodes from the lives of two artists. This is the first US publication of Thomas Teal's prize-winning translation. "A book about love—tender, eccentric and fiercely independent. It feels a privilege to read it."—Esther Freud
Contributors: Ali Smith , Thomas Teal

book image A Posthumous Confession
Posthumous Confession
Marcellus Emants
+ Description

This story of the debilitating and ultimately murderous ramifications of self-disgust and self-despair looks backward to Dostoyevsky and forward to Simenon. “[The narrator], claiming to be unable to keep his dreadful secret, records his confession and leaves it behind as a monument to himself, thereby turning a worthless life into art.” —J.M. Coetzee, from the introduction
Contributors: J.M. Coetzee

book image Irretrievable
Theodor Fontane
+ Description

How does a couple slowly drift apart until one day they find themselves in a situation that is beyond recall, from which they cannot go back? This question is at the heart of this timeless story of a marriage by one of Germany's greatest novelists. "The most interesting German writer between Goethe and Mann" —Peter Gay
Contributors: Phillip Lopate , Douglas Parmée

book image The Doll
Bolesław Prus
+ Description

A 19th-century novel that takes in the sweep of three generations caught up in dreams of Polish revolution as well as the hopes, agonies, and yearnings of a panorama of characters. Prus's book shows the influence of his literary idols, Dickens and Twain. "Rich in episodic figures and observations of daily life in Warsaw, the novel demonstrates 19th-century realism at its best." —Czesław Miłosz
Contributors: Stanisław Barańczak , David Welsh

book image Conquered City
Conquered City
Victor Serge
+ Description

Set in post-Russian-Revolutionary St. Petersburg, Conquered City is structured like a detective story in which the new regime, looking toward "the birth of a new kind of justice," seeks out the spies, speculators, and traitors hidden among the exhausted mass of common people. "[Serge is] one of the most compelling of twentieth-century ethical and literary heroes." —Susan Sontag
Contributors: Richard Greeman

book image Nature Stories
Nature Stories
Jules Renard
+ Description

Whimsical and charming miniature portraits of subjects drawn from the natural world: dogs, cats, pigs, roses, snails, trees, birds, and others. Renard’s sketches are masterpieces of compression and description, capturing both appearance and behavior through details that make the familiar unfamiliar, yet surprisingly true to life.
Contributors: Pierre Bonnard , Douglas Parmée

book image Journey Into the Past
Journey Into the Past
Stefan Zweig
+ Description

Ludwig, an Austrian, is in Mexico when WWI breaks out. Unable to return home, he sets aside an unhappy love affair with the wife of his employer and builds a new life abroad. Years later he returns to Europe to find his beloved a widow. “Journey Into the Past is vintage Stefan Zweig—lucid, tender, powerful and compelling.” —The Independent
Contributors: André Aciman , Anthea Bell

book image Tun-huang
Yasushi Inoue
+ Description

A magical and vivid adventure story set among the bandits, scholars, and monks of the fabled Silk Road. All seems lost when Chao Hsing-te sleeps through the exams that are to launch his career. But then a beautiful woman hands him a scrap of paper, written in a mysterious language, and he follows her into the desert...
Contributors: Damion Searls , Jean Oda Moy

book image The Road: Stories, Journalism, and Essays
Vasily Grossman
+ Description

Grossman’s Life and Fate has been called the War and Peace of WWII, and his war reporting considered among the most important from the field. The Road brings together Grossman’s best untranslated fiction and nonfiction, including “The Hell of Treblinka,” one of the very first journalistic dispatches from inside a concentration camp.
Contributors: Robert Chandler , Elizabeth Chandler, Robert Chandler, Olga Mukovnikova

book image The Jokers
Albert Cossery
+ Description

In an unnamed Middle-Eastern city in a country ruled by a tyrannical buffoon, a small band of renegades concocts a plot to fight power with parody. “Cossery's books are saturated with a mordant, savage humor which makes one laugh and weep at the same time.” —Henry Miller
Contributors: James Buchan , Anna Moschovakis