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book image Alexander Vvedensky: An Invitation for Me to Think
An Invitation for Me to Think: Selected Poems of Vvedensky
Alexander Vvedensky
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Vvedensky was co-founder with Daniil Kharms of one of the most obscure, yet fascinating, playful, and revolutionary Russian avant-garde literary movements, dubbed OBERIU. His avowed task was "the poetic critique of reason" and he claimed "time, death, and God" as the themes of his freewheeling poems.
Contributors: Eugene Ostashevsky , Matvei Yankelevich

book image An Armenian Sketchbook
Armenian Sketchbook
Vasily Grossman
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Vasily Grossman wrote not only one of the great Russian novels of the 20th-century (Life and Fate), but also vivid reportage, moving essays, and brilliant travel journals. This account of two months he spent in Armenia in the mid-60s is the most intimate of his works. Suppressed during his life, it is here available in English for the first time.
Contributors: Robert Chandler , Yury Bit-Yunan , Elizabeth Chandler

book image On the Edge
On the Edge
Markus Werner
+ Description

A gripping psychological thriller, the story of two men, one woman, and many questions: about truth, about reality, about identity.
Contributors: Robert E. Goodwin

book image Basti
Intizar Husain
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Basti exlores the divided consciousness of Pakistan, a country born of division and suffering from it to this day. Set during the chaos of the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war, the novel centers on the meetings and partings and memories and desires of a group of young men who seek to comprehend their country's disastrous situation. A masterpiece of modern Urdu fiction, Basti fuses modernist montage with stories from Muslim, Hindu, Persian, and Buddhist traditions in a poignant lament for the fallen historical world.
Contributors: Asif Farrukhi , Frances W. Pritchett

book image Ravan and Eddie
Ravan and Eddie
Kiran Nagarkar
+ Description

A delightful comic romp through the misadventures of two boys, Ravan (Hindu) and Eddie (Catholic), whose lives are entwined by chance and circumstance in a sprawling and crowded Mumbai tenement building.

book image 1948
Yoram Kaniuk
+ Description

A haunting, astute, utterly original novel about the Israeli War of Independence, drawn from Yoram Kaniuk’s experience as a 17-year-old solider and filtered through six decades of memory.
Contributors: Anthony Berris

book image Going to the Dogs: The Story of a Moralist
Going to the Dogs
Erich Kästner
+ Description

Berlin, 1929: There's little hope, but plenty of amusement to be had if you know where to look. Jakob Fabian, 32, “at present an advertising copywriter," isn't one to mope; he and his friends prowl the city's cabarets, exchanging barbs and looking for girls. "Graceful, vivid and distinguished … a little masterpiece of pathos and calamity.”—Michael Sadleir
Contributors: Rodney Livingstone , Cyrus Brooks

book image Beirut, I Love You: A Memoir
Beirut, I Love You
Zena el Khalil
+ Description

The story of Zena, a young artist who has fallen under the spell of a city that both attracts and repels her and threatens to engulf her in war, grief, and love affairs.

book image Tyrant Banderas
Tyrant Banderas
Ramón del Valle-Inclán
+ Description

The first great twentieth-century novel of dictatorship, and an inspiration to García Márquez and Roa Bastos, Tyrant Banderas is a dark and dazzling portrayal of a mythical Latin American Republic at last revolting against the ruthless monster that has ruled it for so long.
Contributors: Alberto Manguel , Peter Bush

book image Dead Souls
Dead Souls
Nikolai Gogol
+ Description

This tale of an affably cunning con who establishes a thriving trade in “dead souls”—serfs who though no longer alive can still, he finds, be profitably bought and sold—is also a brilliant spoof of a corrupt society, full of the living dead. This new translation captures Gogol’s linguistic invention and the anarchic fun of his writing.
Contributors: Donald Rayfield