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book image The Lord Chandos Letter and Other Writings
Lord Chandos Letter
Hugo von Hofmannsthal
+ Description

In Hugo von Hofmannsthal's celebrated autobiographical novella a young nobleman reveals to his patron Sir Francis Bacon his particularly modern crisis of spirit.
Contributors: John Banville

book image The Notebooks of Joseph Joubert
Notebooks of Joseph Joubert
Joseph Joubert
+ Description

The writings of a secretive eighteenth-century French thinker who left an unpublished masterpiece behind.
Contributors: Paul Auster

book image The Glass Bees
Glass Bees
Ernst Jünger
+ Description

In The Glass Bees the celebrated German writer Ernst Jünger presents a disconcerting vision of the future.
Contributors: Bruce Sterling , Elizabeth Mayer and Louise Bogan

book image Memed, My Hawk
Memed My Hawk
Yashar Kemal
+ Description

Tenderness and violence, generosity and ruthlessness explode unpredictably in a tale of high adventure that is also a profoundly considered response to a troubled world.
Contributors: Edouard Roditi

book image They Burn the Thistles
They Burn the Thistles
Yashar Kemal
+ Description

The great Turkish writer Yashar Kemal's tales of conflict and adventure set in the Taurus Mountains of southeastern Turkey fuse ancient local traditions of oral storytelling with the social and psychological awareness of the nineteenth-century novel.
Contributors: Bill McKibben , Margaret E. Platon

book image The Living Thoughts of Kierkegaard
Living Thoughts of Kierkegaard
W.H. Auden
+ Description

Auden's inspired and incisive response to a thinker who had done much to shape his own beliefs is a fundamental reading of an author whose spirit remains as radical as ever more than 150 years after he wrote.

book image An African in Greenland
African in Greenland
Tete-Michel Kpomassie
+ Description

"Kpomassie is indisputably a man of extraordinary charm; he is also sharp and perceptive and honest?unencumbered by a sense of obligation to his hosts that might have prevented him from telling us what they are really like."— Katherine Bouton, The Nation
Contributors: Al Alvarez , James Kirkup

book image The Stalin Front: A Novel of World War II
Stalin Front
Gert Ledig
+ Description

A grueling story of combat in a newly discovered masterpiece of world literature.
Contributors: Michael Hofmann

book image The Waste Books
Waste Books
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
+ Description

The record of a brilliant and subtle mind in action, The Waste Books are above all a powerful testament to the necessity, and pleasure, of unfettered thought.
Contributors: R.J. Hollingdale

book image Soul of Wood
Soul of Wood
Jakov Lind
+ Description

Lind's stories of the Second World War and its repercussions deal masterfully with a world of horror through fantasy, paradox, and sardonic distortion and bring to life the agonies of twentieth-century Europe. "It is amazing that he is witty; it is not at all surprising that he is profound." —The New York Times
Contributors: Michael Krüger , Ralph Manheim