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book image The Adventures and Misadventures of Maqroll
Adventures and Misadventures of Maqroll
Álvaro Mutis
+ Description

Maqroll the Gaviero (the Lookout) is one of the most alluring and memorable characters in the fiction of the last twenty-five years.
Contributors: Francisco Goldman , Edith Grossman

book image The Adventures of Sindbad
Adventures of Sindbad
Gyula Krúdy
+ Description

Rogue, romantic, and seducer, Sindbad, Krúdy's most famous creation, returns in dreams to lovers he has left, lovers who have died. The women in turn tell their stories, creating a beautifully melancholy vision of the twilight of the Habsburg Empire. “[Krúdy’s] literary power and greatness are almost past comprehension...” —Sándor Márai
Contributors: George Szirtes

book image An African in Greenland
African in Greenland
Tete-Michel Kpomassie
+ Description

"Kpomassie is indisputably a man of extraordinary charm; he is also sharp and perceptive and honest?unencumbered by a sense of obligation to his hosts that might have prevented him from telling us what they are really like."— Katherine Bouton, The Nation
Contributors: Al Alvarez , James Kirkup

book image As a Man Grows Older
As a Man Grows Older
Italo Svevo
+ Description

A brilliant study of hopeless love and hapless indecision. It is a masterwork of Italian literature, here beautifully rendered into English in Beryl de Zoete's classic translation.
Contributors: James Lasdun , Beryl de Zoete

book image Asleep in the Sun
Asleep in the Sun
Adolfo Bioy Casares
+ Description

Bioy Casares's strange, sly novel may be read as a fable of modern politics or as a meditation on the elusive parameters of the self. Above all, it is an almost scarily perfect comic turn, as well as a pure delight.
Contributors: James Sallis , Suzanne Jill Levine

book image Beware of Pity
Beware of Pity
Stefan Zweig
+ Description

The most widely read author writing in German prior to the rise of the Nazis, Zweig captures the torment of betrayal in a powerful study of affliction.
Contributors: Joan Acocella , Phyllis and Trevor Blewitt

book image The Bog People: Iron Age Man Preserved
Bog People
P.V. Glob
+ Description

Conceived as a kind of a detective story, this classic of archaeological history—out of print for over thirty years—is a fascinating account of the religion, culture, and daily life of the Iron Age in Europe.
Contributors: Elizabeth Wayland Barber, Paul T. Barber , Rupert Bruce-Mitford

book image The Book of My Life
Book of My Life
Girolamo Cardano
+ Description

At once picaresque adventure and campus comedy, curriculum vitae and last will, The Book of My Life is an extraordinary Renaissance self-portrait.
Contributors: Anthony Grafton , Jean Stoner

book image The Case of Comrade Tulayev
Case Of Comrade Tulayev
Victor Serge
+ Description

The best novel ever written about the Stalinist purges is also a classic tale of risk and adventure that stands beside Malraux's Man's Fate and Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls.
Contributors: Susan Sontag , Willard R. Trask

book image The Child
Jules Vallès
+ Description

Vallès's book is one of the funniest books in French literature, a triumph of insubordinate comedy over the forces of order and the self-appointed defenders of decency.
Contributors: Douglas Parmée, Douglas Parmée

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