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book image Welcome to Doomsday
Welcome to Doomsday
Bill Moyers
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Welcome to Doomsday is an investigation into the coupling of ideology and theology, in particular the intrusion of religion into political life, in America today.

book image Trust is Not Enough: Bringing Human Rights to Medicine
Trust is Not Enough
David J. Rothman, Sheila M. Rothman
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Two healthcare experts investigate the intersections of human rights and medicine, looking at case studies of such issues as AIDS, organ trafficking, healthcare rationing, medical research in the third world, and South Africa's constitutionally guaranteed right of access to healthcare.

book image The Secret Way To War: The Downing Street Memo and the Iraq War's Buried History
Secret Way To War
Mark Danner
+ Description

An award-winning investigative journalist evaluates the controversial American and British stratagem for the Iraq war.

book image My Holy War: Dispatches from the Home Front
My Holy War
Jonathan Raban
+ Description

Ranging from Seattle to Cairo, from the high seas to the US presidential campaign, Raban brings a distinctive and often unexpected perspective to the issues facing post?September 11 America.

book image America Goes Backward
America Goes Backward
Stanley Hoffmann
+ Description

"Wrong assumptions, immoderate and confused ends, served by a mixture of counterproductive, inadequate, mismanaged, and, at times, scandalous means": Stanley Hoffmann's verdict on the US invasion of Iraq carries an uneasy echo of his view of the US failure in Vietnam.

book image Torture and Truth: America, Abu Ghraib, and the War on Terror
Torture and Truth
Mark Danner
+ Description

Read together, these memos and reports should make us confront, as a democratic society, the urgent questions that Mark Danner poses in this book, and that remain unanswered: Does fighting a "new kind of war" on terror justify torture? Who will we hold responsible for deciding to pursue such a policy, and what will be the moral and political costs to the country?

book image Fear and Loathing in George W. Bush's Washington
Fear and Loathing
Elizabeth Drew
+ Description

Russell Baker in his preface writes: "In Washington an age of moral and philosophical sterility is deeply entrenched, and as Elizabeth Drew's reporting attests, the result is not pretty. "

book image Glory and Terror: The Growing Nuclear Danger
Glory and Terror
Steven Weinberg
+ Description

Steven Weinberg, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist, writes that America today "has an unprecedented opportunity to begin to escape from the risk of nuclear annihilation." But, he warns, President Bush is not only letting this opportunity slip away, he is, in some respects, moving in the wrong direction.

book image Now They Tell Us: The American Press and Iraq
Now They
Michael Massing
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Michael Massing describes the American press coverage of the war in Iraq as "the unseen war," an ironic reference given the number of reporters in Iraq and in Doha, Qatar, the location of the Coalition Media Center with its $250,000 stage set.

book image Intelligence Wars (Revised and Expanded Edition): American Secret History from Hitler to Al-Qaeda
Intelligence Wars
Thomas Powers
+ Description

No one outside the intelligence services knows more about their culture than Thomas Powers. In this book he tells stories of shadowy successes, ghastly failures, and, more often, gripping uncertainties.