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Simenon’s longest and most personal novel: “Simenon brings to life in Pedigree the whole sensory world of his childhood in Liège. His words capture the sounds, sights, tastes, smells, and textures of the city… Simenon does for Liège what the young Joyce did for Dublin: he evokes the city with such immediacy that we feel we’ve walked in its streets.” —Lucille Frackman Becker

The Widow

Two outcasts, a widow and a recently released murderer, become involved in a love triangle with the girl next door. Published in the same year and often compared to The Stranger, The Widow is one of Simenon’s most powerful and disturbing romans durs.

The Engagement

One of the most chilling and compassionate of Simenon’s extraordinary psychological novels, The Engagement explores the mystery of a blameless heart in a compromised soul.

The Strangers in the House

In The Strangers in the House, Georges Simenon, master chronicler of the dark side of the human heart, gives us a detective story that is also a tale of an improbable redemption.

Red Lights

Red Lights, one of Simenon’s romans durs, is a dark and brilliant gaze at marriage, and is Simenon writing the American psyche at his best.

The Man Who Watched Trains Go By

How different are the cautious routines of ordinary life from the compulsions of a killer? How reliable is even the most reliable man’s identity? What finally is the truth about a person?

Tropic Moon

In Tropic Moon, Simenon, the master of the psychological novel, offers an incomparable picture of degeneracy and corruption in a colonial outpost.

Monsieur Monde Vanishes

Unsurpassed as an evocation of milieu, whether of staid bourgeois propriety or waterfront seediness, Monsieur Monde Vanishes is another triumph by the twentieth century’s greatest popular novelist.

Three Bedrooms in Manhattan

An actor and a divorcée meet in a deserted New York City bar. With little in common save loneliness, middle age, and a presentiment of escape, they improvise a love story.

Dirty Snow

Dirty Snow, widely acknowledged as one of Simenon’s finest books, is a study of the criminal mind comparable to Jim Thompson’s The Killer Inside Me.