Take a Girl Like You cover
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Publication date:
April 28, 2015
NYRB Classics
Available as E-Book, Literature in English

Kingsley Amis’s most ambitious reckoning with his central theme—the degradation of modern life—Take a Girl Like You also introduces one of the rare unqualified good guys in Amis’s rogue-ridden world: Jenny Bunn, a girl from the North English country has come south to teach school in a small smug town where she hopes to find love and fortune. Jenny is independent, likable, optimistic, openhearted, intelligent, and exceedingly good-looking, but the men who flock around her are all too willing to overlook her virtues in the hopes of getting her in the sack. But then Jenny, though no prude, is set on remaining a virgin until marriage.

Jenny’s fundamental, unshakeable decency and her determination to live life on her own terms—though she is surrounded with a host of brilliantly rendered schemers and fools, male and female, but chiefly male—are in the forefront of Amis’s novel.


Has the comic gusto, the loathing of pretension that made Lucky Jim so engaging and high-spirited.
—Elizabeth Jennings, The Listener

One of the best of Britain’s post-war novelists…he is a remarkable man and a remarkable wrier.
The Independent

Incendiary stuff…a really formidable blaze. This is his most interesting so far…and no less funny than the first.
—Karl Miller, The Observer