Antony Beevor is a Visiting Professor at the University of Kent. His ­latest book is Ardennes 1944: The Battle of the Bulge. (June 2016)


The Spooky Side of World War II

German soldiers in the field enciphering a message on the Enigma code machine, circa 1940

The Secret War: Spies, Ciphers, and Guerrillas, 1939–1945

by Max Hastings
Over the last twenty years, the huge differences between national accounts of World War II have at last started to diminish. This is largely due to the opening of archives, international conferences, and the hiring of foreign historians by most major universities. The secret war probably produced more misleading myths …

At Home With Hitler

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, Berlin, 1940s

Eva Braun: Life with Hitler

by Heike B. Görtemaker, translated from the German by Damion Searls
Just after the end of World War II, Albert Speer complained to his American interrogators that “history always emphasizes terminal events.” He hated the idea that what he saw as the early successes of National Socialism would be obscured by the regime’s grotesque ending. Paradoxically, Eva Braun would have been …