Carl R. Proffer

  • Help the Poles

    February 4, 1982
  • The Good Rasputin

    April 15, 1976
  • Writing in the Shadow of the Monolith

    February 19, 1976

    Tales of the Mountains and Steppes by Aitmatoy Ch.

    The White Ship by Aitmatoy Ch.

    The Ascent of Mount Fuji by Aitmatoy Ch.

    Stikhi (Poems) by Bella Akhmadulina

    Selected Poems by Iosif Brodsky

    Chast’rechi (Part of Speech) by Iosif Brodsky

    Forbidden Fruit by Fazil Iskander

    Sandro iz Chegema (Sandro from Chegem), Novy Mir by Fazil Iskander

    The Goatibex Constellation by Fazil Iskander

    To Be Preserved Forever, in English by Lev Kopelev

    Khranit’ vechno, in Russian by Lev Kopelev

    Vremena (Times) by Naum Korzhavin

    (Three Tales), Novy Zhurnal (The New Review) by Yury Mamleev

    Blondin obeego tsveta (The Blond of Both Colors) by Vladimir Maramzin

    Istoriia zhenit’by Ivana Petrovicha (The Story of Ivan Petrovich’s Marriage), Continent by Vladimir Maramzin

    Collected Tales (in Russian) by Vladimir Maramzin

    Seven Days of Creation by Vladimir Maximov

    Kalina krasnaia (Red Snowball-Tree) by Vasily Shukshin

    Shkola dlia durakov (A School for Fools) by Sasha Sokolov

    White Grass by V. Soloukhin

    Prigovor (The Sentence) by V. Soloukhin

    Telenok bodalsia s dubom (The Calf Butts the Oak) by A. Solzhenitsyn

    Lenin v Tsiurikhe (Lenin in Zurich) by A. Solzhenitsyn

    The GULAG Archipelago Two by A. Solzhenitsyn

    Dolgoe proshchanie (A Long Goodbye) by Yury Trifonov

    The Exchange,” Russian Literature Triquarterly by Yury Trifonov

    Drugaia zhizn’ (“Another Life”) by Yury Trifonov

    Zhizn’ i neobychainye prikliucheniia soldata Ivana Chonkin (The Life and Extraordinary Adventures of Private Ivan Chonkin) by V. Voinovich

    Ivan’kiada (Ivankiada) by V. Voinovich

    An Incident in the Metropole,” Continent by V. Voinovich

    Kontinent (Continent) Anchor/Doubleday

  • Maramzin Trial

    March 6, 1975
  • The Attack on Mme Mandelstam

    February 21, 1974
  • Translating Akhmatova

    August 9, 1973

    Poems of Akhmatova selected, translated, and introduced by Stanley Kunitz and Max Hayward