D.F. Pears

  • Wittgenstein’s Strategy

    July 10, 1969
  • A Special Supplement: The Development of Wittgenstein’s Philosophy

    January 16, 1969

    Introduction to Wittgenstein’s Tractatus by G.E.M. Anscombe

    Companion to Wittgenstein’s Tractatus by Max Black

    Philosophische Bemerkungen by Ludwig Wittgenstein

    Letters from Ludwig Wittgenstein with a Memoir by Paul Engelmann translated by L. Furtmüller

    Wittgenstein: The Philosophical Investigations: A Collection of Critical Essays edited by George Pitcher

    Remarks on the Foundation of Mathematics by Ludwig Wittgenstein, translated by E. Anscombe

    Lectures and Conversations on Aesthetics, Psychology, and Religious Belief [including the Conversations on Freud] by Ludwig Wittgenstein