Ferdinand Mount is the former Editor of The Times Literary Supplement. His books include The New Few: A Very British Oligarchy and, most recently, English Voices: Lives, Landscapes, Laments. (October 2017)


Good Lord

Lord Patten

First Confession: A Sort of Memoir

by Chris Patten

Kind of Blue: A Political Memoir

by Ken Clarke
History to the defeated doesn’t even say “alas,” it just cuts them dead. In the British Conservative Party especially, the waters of oblivion close over the defenders of deserted orthodoxies like appeasement and the Corn Laws. So now with the Tory Europhiles. For a generation and more, to be “a …

When Our World Turned Upside Down

Pope John Paul II with a group of children in Czestochowa during his first papal visit to Poland, June 1979

Strange Rebels: 1979 and the Birth of the 21st Century

by Christian Caryl
We have lived through an Age of Astonishment, and have now come out on the other side, still a little bewildered about how we got here. Never before have so many savants—economists, political scientists, diplomats, sociologists, and commentators alike—been quite so stunned by the turn of events. In 1789 and …