Frances FitzGerald’s books include Way Out There in the Blue: Reagan, Star Wars, and the End of the Cold War. (November 2008)


The Evangelical Surprise

Last year the Fairfield Christian Church in Lancaster, Ohio, became a regular stop for journalists covering trends in Christian right politics. In 2004 its pastor, Russell Johnson, helped organize a campaign for a state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and succeeded in having it put on the ballot for …

George Bush & the World

In a speech at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies this April, Dr. Condoleezza Rice observed that “an earthquake of the magnitude of 9/11 can shift the tectonic plates of international politics.” She went on to say: The international system has been in flux since the collapse of …

The Triumphs of the New Right

The New Right: We're Ready to Lead

by Richard A. Viguerie, introduction by Jerry Falwell

The Sweetheart of the Silent Majority: The Biography of Phyllis Schlafly

by Carol Felsenthal
Just after the 1980 election the ABC show called “Nightline” put the satellite technology of television to work to create an extraordinary electronic encounter between Senator George McGovern, Senator Frank Church, Senator Birch Bayh, Jerry Falwell, and Paul Weyrich. The three just-defeated senators had never met their opponents before, and …