Francis Fergusson

  • It’s a Tragedy

    November 20, 1969

    Tragedy and Philosophy by Walter Kaufmann

    The Identity of Oedipus the King by Alastair Cameron

    Reality and the Heroic Pattern by David Grene

  • Shakespeare’s Vietnam

    March 14, 1968
  • Prometheus at Yale

    August 3, 1967

    Prometheus Bound derived from Aeschylus by Robert Lowell, directed by Jonathan Miller

  • Keeping Up With Dante

    February 17, 1966

    The Divine Comedy in English: A Critical Bibliography, 1782-1900 by Gilbert F. Cunningham

    Dante into English by William J. De Sua

    The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri (Text with Translation in the Metre of the Original) by Geoffrey L. Bickersteth

    Dante, A Collection of Critical Essays edited by John Freccero

    Essays on Dante edited by Mark Musa

    The Mind of Dante edited by U. Limentani

    Dante Alighieri, His Life and Works by Paget Toynbee, edited with an Introduction by Charles S. Singleton

    Dante by Thomas G. Bergin

    A Concordance to the Divine Comedy Edited for the Dante Society of America by Ernest Hatch Wilkins and Thomas Goddard Bergin, Associate Editor, Anthony J. De Vito