Janet Adam Smith

Janet Adam Smith (1905–1999) was a Scottish writer and critic. Educated at Oxford, she worked as an editor at a number of literary publications, including The Listener, The Criterion and New Statesman. She also edited the Faber Book of Modern Verse and its companion volume, the Faber Book of Children’s Verse. An accomplished mountaineer, Smith wrote about her adventures in Mountain Holidays; her other books include Life Among the Scots and John Buchnan and His World.

  • The Real RLS

    March 3, 1994

    Dreams of Exile: Robert Louis Stevenson, A Biography by Ian Bell

  • Yrs. Aff. Beatrix Potter

    May 28, 1992

    Letters to Children from Beatrix Potter Collected and introduced by Judy Taylor

    Letters to Children by Beatrix Potter, foreword by Philip Hofer

  • Hard Times

    June 27, 1991

    The Diaries of Hans Christian Andersen selected and translated by Patricia L. Conroy and Sven H. Rossel

    The Kiss of the Snow Queen: Hans Christian Andersen and Man’s Redemption by Woman by Wolfgang Lederer

  • Rackhamland

    December 20, 1990

    Arthur Rackham: A Biography by James Hamilton

  • Poohdom

    September 27, 1990

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  • Life After Squirrel Nutkin

    June 14, 1990

    Beatrix Potter’s Letters selected by Judy Taylor

    The Journal of Beatrix Potter, 1881–1897 transcribed from her code writings by Leslie Linder, foreword by Judy Taylor

  • Unchildish Activities

    April 26, 1990

    Don’t Tell the Grown-ups: Subversive Children’s Literature by Alison Lurie

  • Not So Grimm

    November 24, 1988

    Dear Mili: An Old Tale by Wilhelm Grimm, translated by Ralph Manheim, pictures by Maurice Sendak

  • Cleaning Up Snow White

    December 3, 1987

    Grimms’ Bad Girls and Bold Boys: The Moral and Social Vision of the Tales by Ruth B. Bottigheimer

    The Hard Facts of the Grimms’ Fairy Tales by Maria Tatar

  • Big Little Books

    June 27, 1985

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  • Great Scot

    April 1, 1976

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  • Exodus

    April 18, 1974

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  • Does Frodo Live?

    December 14, 1972

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    The Lord of the Rings, Vol. II: The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien

    The Lord of the Rings, Vol. III: The Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkien

  • The Great God Wish

    December 2, 1971

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    One Misty Moisty Morning: Rhymes from Mother Goose pictures by Mitchell Miller

  • Inscapist

    December 15, 1966

    The Journal of Beatrix Potter from 1881 to 1897 transcribed from her code writing by Leslie Linder

  • Engines of Mischief: The Best Children’s Books of 1964

    December 3, 1964

    Wally the Wordworm by Clifton Fadiman

    The Untold Adventures of Santa Claus by Ogden Nash

    How to Catch a Crocodile by Robert Pack

    How the Whale Became by Ted Hughes

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    The Letter on the Tree by Natalie Savage Carlson

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