Jeffrey Hamburger

Jeffrey Hamburger is Kuno Francke Professor of German Art and Culture at Harvard University.

  • The New Chartres: An Exchange

    December 17, 2014

    We write in response to Martin Filler’s well-meaning but also misinformed blog posting concerning the restoration of the interior of Chartres Cathedral.

  • Save the Warburg Library!

    September 1, 2010

    Much of Britain’s industry has disappeared. The recently vaunted financial sector is in disarray. But British universities remain world leaders. The conditions that have made this possible included, in the past, a loose, egalitarian organization, substantial autonomy for scholars and teachers, and a generous esprit de corps. Yet instead of preserving this distinguished and successful sector of British life, both Labour and Tory governments seem bent on rearing hierarchies, crushing autonomy, and destroying morale.