Magdalen Goffin

  • A Contradictory Hero

    August 21, 1969

    The Life and Death of Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Mary Bosanquet

  • Divine Dropouts

    August 22, 1968

    A Question of Conscience by Charles Davis

    The Church by Hans Küng

    The Church Against Itself by Rosemary Ruether

    Communion Is Life Together
    A First Book
    by Rosemary Ruether

  • Storm over the Catechism

    January 18, 1968

    A New Catechism: Catholic Faith for Adults produced by the Higher Catechetical Institute at Nijmegen

  • Act II

    August 3, 1967

    Paul Blanshard on Vatican II by Paul Blanshard

    The Drama of Vatican II: The Ecumenical Council, June 1962-December 1965 by Henri Fesquet, translated by Bernard Murchland, Introduction by Michael Novak

  • The Divided Catholics

    November 3, 1966

    The Fourth Session by Xavier Rynne

    What Happened at Rome? The Council and Its Implications for the Modern World by Gary MacEoin

    Pope Paul VI: Apostle on the Move by Alden Hatch

  • Contraception and the Church

    July 7, 1966

    Contraception: A History of Its Treatment by Catholic Theologists and Canonists by John T. Noonan Jr.

    The Pill edited by Leo Pyle

    The Priest: Celibate or Married by Pierre Hermand

    Catholics, Marriage and Contraception by John Marshall M.D.